Learn the most spectacular FlyBoard technique and surprise yourself!

FlyBoard Fever has been spreading and all manner of people have been catching it this Summer 2013. It’s an awesome experience that leaves you wanting more and more. In part this is because even though on your first FlyBoard experience you can learn to fly within 5 minutes, like any sport there are always ways to get more out of the experience each time.

In one session you can learn to soar metres and metres in height above the water and rocket through the air with ease, and the more daring even manage to swim beneath and dive out of the sea surface like a dolphin. However, one of the more advance and beastly techniques is an advance technique that few manage to dominate in their first flight. Though with some research beforehand, maybe you can!

So we at Flyboard Club Barcelona want to facilitate you in your quest for a gnarly flip, so we’ve make these six steps to perform a breathtaking flyBoard backflip.

FlyBoard Backflip Image Sequence
Photo by Aaron Feen, Owner Jamie Loggins (see website)

  1. Step one is probably the most complicated step and is vital as a large part of the trick depends on its correct execution. You will need both balance and momentum, it is the driving force that will permit a successful flip. Achieve this by bending the legs at 45º and tilting the body forward with your arms back.
  2. In this position you can start step two, whereby you stretch out your entire body from this position into the a face up horizontal position. Remember to keep the knees slightly bent still and your arms vertical, this will give you a head start with the momentum needed for next step.
  3. Step three is when the adrenaline kicks in, you’ll have to let yourself get carried by the momentum you accumulated so far and enjoy the scenery as it passes you by… back to front!
  4. Step four is practically the same as the the second step, but as if it were reflected in a mirror. You will be in a face down position with your arms out. The knees are bent ready for the next step.
  5. Step 5 begins when you’re vertical again, you’ll want to adjust those knees and correct your positioning ensuring your feet at pointing to the water.
  6. Step 6 is all about stabilization, in order to not fall into the water, you’ll want to use the momentum from the bent knees and stretch your legs out vertically as it to change your velocity upwards and adjust your body position to regain equilibrium.

It may seem complicated, but in reality the biggest secret to a successful somersault is simply trying to do it. It is enthusiasm that drives a person to reach their goal so… Dare to fly! Book your FlyBoard Flight in Barcelona with Flyboard Club Barcelona.